Hard Rain BETA Now Available!

The full BETA of Hard Rain has been released and is available for download on itch.io!


New additions over the last full Alpha include:

  • More than 20 new Classic Mode levels and level redesigns
  • The Spring component
  • Graphics changes and additions
  • New sound effects
  • New Arcade Mode levels and online leaderboards
  • Redesigned Title Screen and menus
  • Tons of small tweaks and enhancements


The BETA is feature complete and includes access to all future updates.

You can also grab the latest BETA demo on itch.io if you’d like to just try it out.

Music Fader for Cocos2dx

Here’s a class for fading music in Cocos2dx 2.x using the SimpleAudioEngine. Seems like this should be a basic function of the SimpleAudioEngine itself, but this is pretty easy to use, just run it on any CCNode like any other action:

runAction(MusicFade::create(1.0f, 0.0f, true));

Copy and paste from below, or here’s a zip with the files.

#include "MusicFade.h"
#include "SimpleAudioEngine.h"

using namespace cocos2d;
using namespace CocosDenshion;

    m_initialVal = 0;
    m_targetVal = 0;

MusicFade* MusicFade::create(float duration, float volume, bool pauseOnComplete)
    MusicFade *pAction = new MusicFade();
    pAction->initWithDuration(duration, volume, pauseOnComplete);

    return pAction;

bool MusicFade::initWithDuration(float duration, float volume, bool pauseOnComplete)
    if (CCActionInterval::initWithDuration(duration))
        m_targetVal = volume;
        m_bPauseOnComplete = pauseOnComplete;
        return true;

    return false;

void MusicFade::update(float time)
    float vol = m_initialVal + time*(m_targetVal - m_initialVal);


void MusicFade::startWithTarget(CCNode *pTarget)
    CCActionInterval::startWithTarget( pTarget );
    m_initialVal = SimpleAudioEngine::sharedEngine()->getBackgroundMusicVolume();

void MusicFade::stop(void)
    if(m_bPauseOnComplete) SimpleAudioEngine::sharedEngine()->pauseBackgroundMusic();
#ifndef __MusicFade__
#define __MusicFade__

#include "cocos2d.h"

class MusicFade : public cocos2d::CCActionInterval

    static MusicFade* create(float d, float volume, bool pauseOnComplete = false );
    bool initWithDuration(float d, float volume, bool pauseOnComplete );

    virtual void startWithTarget(cocos2d::CCNode *pTarget);
    virtual void update(float time);
    virtual void stop(void);

    float m_targetVal;
    float m_initialVal;
    bool m_bPauseOnComplete;

#endif /* defined(__MusicFade__) */

Introducing Hard Rain

Hard Rain is a pachinko machine physics sim transformed into a tower defense strategy game, all wrapped up in a colorful retro-analogue candy shell. To be released for desktop and tablets.

A few screens:

Hard Rain Screen Title

Hard Rain Screen 1

Hard Rain Screen 2

Hard Rain Screen 3

GLYF Design now Fuguelike

Glyf Design has changed it’s name to Fuguelike.

Why? Glyf Design was created back in 2006. The ‘design’ label is no longer accurate. And ‘glyf’ seems to be confusing for many people to read.

Fuguelike is an unusual word, and it has a double connotation: First it is the name for the baroque form of music that has a formal structure and a mathematical beauty. There is also the fugue state Рa memoryless dreamlike trance. The aim is to produce both through digital experiences.

This blog’s new domain will be http://fuguelike.com, although it will be duplicated here for a while longer as well.


Hard Rain Game Design Concept

A couple of design concept screens for a cross platform game currently under development.

Hard Rain Game Design Concept 1

Hard Rain Game Design Concept 2

Hard Rain Game Design Concept 3

Hard Rain Game Design Concept 4

VOSC Update now Live

An update to VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer is now live online. It includes a new RANDOMIZE function, which loads random values for all parameters of all oscillators. Since it’s random, a lot of times the result won’t look like anything, but every once in a while something interesting will pop up. It’s a great way to explore the realm of the program’s capability, and to find a place to start tweaking from.

The update also includes a way to cap the particle resolution so that loading patches that have high settings won’t slow your machine down to a crawl. Find it in the RES panel.

This update is live online and on the Android version. Pending approval on iOS.

VOSC now available on Android and iOS

VOSC has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store for all sizes of iOS devices!

That’s in addition to its availability on Google Play for Android tablets and phones.

VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer Now Online

VOSC is now live online. Use it right in your browser here, where you can also find instructions for getting started: