VOSC Update now Live

An update to VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer is now live online. It includes a new RANDOMIZE function, which loads random values for all parameters of all oscillators. Since it’s random, a lot of times the result won’t look like anything, but every once in a while something interesting will pop up. It’s a great way to explore the realm of the program’s capability, and to find a place to start tweaking from.

The update also includes a way to cap the particle resolution so that loading patches that have high settings won’t slow your machine down to a crawl. Find it in the RES panel.

This update is live online and on the Android version. Pending approval on iOS.

2 thoughts on “VOSC Update now Live

  1. Jon

    It would be great to have an option to remove menu from screen. Also a record option would be nice. Enjoying this on iOS, looking forward to desktop versions,

  2. jt

    Please let me lend my continued encouragement for a desktop version!!! This holds so much promise it’s astonishing. I’d certainly purchase it…


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