VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer Now Online

VOSC is now live online. Use it right in your browser here, where you can also find instructions for getting started:


3 thoughts on “VOSC Visual Particle Synthesizer Now Online

  1. J T

    Love, Love, Luv your app. Hope to see the random function on my ipod touch soon. With such a paragon as John Whitney for your inspiration, you are the future of (electronic) art that I want to be a part of. Would be honored to use your desktop,app and if you develop linux 12.4 or especially a leapard mc ppc G5, please count me in..

    1. Duncan Post author

      Thanks! Really glad you’re into it, and to hear from a fellow admirer of John Whitney.

      The random function will come in an update to the iOS version soon – it just has to go through the AppStore approval process. I’m still experimenting with features for the Desktop version – so stay tuned.


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